Western Washington Hash House Harriers

11 different kennels in the Puget Sound/Pacific Northwest region:

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Here's the groups, hit the Calendar Link for actual dates/times:

Seattle H3 - (2nd & 4th Saturday of the month, PM)

Tacoma H3 - (1st Saturday of the month, PM)

South Sound - (3rd Saturday of the month, PM)

Puget Sound H3 - Men Only - Changes start/end daylight savings
(1st & 3rd Thursday of Summer months)
(1st & 3rd Saturday Morning of Winter months)

No Balls H3 - Women Only (last Wednesday of the month)

Rain City H3 - (last Sunday of the month)

HSWTFH3 - (Bremerton area - every other Sunday)

Seattle Full Moon - (duh...)

Lacey Full Moon - (Periodically on Fridays)

Who Give a S#!t Hash - (Periodically on Wednesdays)

Seattle Hash House Bikers - bike hash (2nd Tuesday of the month)