Hashy Hour
The Waterwheel Lounge 

Fri Mar 31st
To whenever!

The Stranger calls it a "righteous roadhouse dive" saying, "the Waterwheel has wood-veneer paneling and a low ceiling; it is pleasantly dim, and the wall-to-wall carpet crawls up the sides of the central horseshoe bar. Everyone knows everyone here. It might seem probable that the culinary apex would be frozen food-service jalapeņo poppers, but the Waterwheel is a righteous roadhouse dive, with Carolina-style pulled-pork sandwiches and fried chicken made from scratch, with rightful pride."

Happy Hour at The Waterwheel runs 4 - 7pm and includes $2 domestics & $3 micros, $3 wells, $5 calls, and a buck off their delicious appetizers.