This page is dedicated to those

fellow hashers who have died.

May their memories live on . . .


Fuckin Goofy (Kent Gold)

Budman (William "Bud" Budworth)

Saving Ryan's Privates (Lauren Previti)

James Brown (Lynn Trombley)

Just Kelcey (Kelcey Hoffman)

Groper (Bill Goelzer)

Rottenkok (Jerry Kottenbrock)

Lord Weasel Tits

Late Dick (Richard Anderson)

Organ Grinder (Erin Baker)

Zippy (Charles E. Baumerich)

John Wyatt-Smith

Dynamite (Charlie Chandron)

Frosted Flakes (Anthony Lee Dobson)

Model T (Bill Ford)

Zachary (Ted Holmes)

Barnacle Bill