Erin "Organ Grinder" Baker
Wednesday, May 28th, 2003

I realize most of you have never met Organ Grinder (Erin) and Little Fast
Fuck (Brian) from Boise, but OG has been fighting a brain turmor for the
last couple of years and last night she left us for the true trail in the

I first met Brian and Erin when I went out to Boise for the BH3 669th run
back in 2001 and have always looked forward to seeing them whenever I was in
Boise. There are few people I've come to respect more than Brian and Erin. I
know she has touched many lives with her generosity and compassion as well
as her irrepressible smile and wit. Below is the original message from her
husband, Brian.

On on Organ Grinder, and save a cold one for us...

From: "Brian and Erin Baker" <>
Subject: Erin
Date: Thu, 29 May 2003 13:41:11 +0000
Brian: "R U"?

Erin: "On-On"...


Erin (AKA Pumpkin Head, AKA Organ Grinder) found true trail last night at
10:11 PM.  She wanted to have another party in her honor.  We will be
having one in Portland and one in Boise.  I'll let you know when these
celebrations will be.

I most sincerely appreciate all the love, support, "doorstep dinners", and
offers of help. Just knowing everyone has been there for me has carried me
through this difficult time.  The most confident trapeze artist, can have
no more confidence than he has in those who catch him.