Charles E. "ZiPpY" Baumerich
Wednesday, January 29th, 2003

B&H: We lost a good one. Please post ZiPpY's obit (below on the half-mind link) 
on our web site . Thx! FC 
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Sad news. For those of you who don't already know, Zippy of the Pikes
Peaks hash in Colorado died Wednesday night after a 2 1/2 year battle
with Cancer.

Zippy was way more than the Pikes Peak Hash. He was an icon.  He was a
webmaster who was the first to unite the hash world with his
Harrier.net page which I still use. It's a great rescource for songs.
He ran the Iguana site until they got their own.

He was a founder of the Colorado Invahash and the Fat Boy Athletic
Club and his philosophy of "never leave the camp" is widely known
throughout the hash world.
Zippy rarely missed an event. A couple of years ago , he took a year
off work and hashed around the country, staying with various hashers
and enriching their lives with his bullshit. Most of us didn't even
know about the cancer until last Fall when rumors started circulating
after CololradoInvahash.

I have many good memories of Zippy  at Colorado Invahashes, Mardi Gras
Madness and especially at many Iguanas.   He was funny and gregarious
and seemed to know everyone's name.

Tributes are pouring into Hash. I can't thing of another hasher whose
death would generate more response.

The next Oregon H3 run on Feb. 8th will be in Zippy's honor with many
down downs. But don't wait till then. Raise a pint this weekend in
honor of a true hashing legend. His obit can be found at:


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