Bill "Model T " Ford
Sunday, October 29th, 1995

From Chicken Trax:
Bill "Model T" Ford, former JGM and RA of the Puget Sound HHH, passed away on Sunday, October 29th, 1995 of a sudden heart attack while visiting
his daughter for parents' weekend at WSU.  The Seattle Times (Seattle Edition) has a very nice obituary on page B3 of the October 31st
edition.  The headline reads "Bill Ford; teacher, friend to ex-students", and it describes his impact on his students.  One 
incident from the article made me chuckle, I can just picture him doing it:

"He would leave his class and go to the office and listen to the intercom until his kids, like second-graders, would really get rolling.
Then he would get on the microphone and say, 'Boys and girls, this is God, and I am watching you.'"

His wife described him as 54 going on 17.  I'm sure that's how most of us think of him.

There will be a Funeral Mass on Friday, November 3rd, 11AM at St. Jude Catholic Church (10526 166th Ave NE, Redmond).  There will also be a
Vigil Service at the church on Thursday, November 2nd, 7:30 PM at the church.

Visitations are scheduled for Nov. 1st, 3PM-6PM, and Nov. 2nd, 9AM-8PM, at Green's Redmond Funeral Home (16551 NE 79th, Redmond), as well as at
the church one hour prior to the service.

Memorials may be sent to Seafirst, 19160 Woodinville-Duvall Rd, c/o Bill Ford, or to the Cottage Lake Seafirst.  Also to Camille Burrows, 19748192nd Ave NE, Woodinville, 98072. =====================
From Crooked Dick:
This is hard to fathom.  Model-T was one of the finest people I've had the pleasure to hash with.  I hared my first run with him, and he was
the one who thought up my hash name.  I will sorely miss him.
From Dim Sum:
Well, before I go on and explain in details what we are planning for this weekend, in memory of this great hasher & great friend, I want to
say a few words.

Over the last five years, since I moved back to Seattle from Hong Kong, I have very much enjoyed hashing with the Puget Sound H3, thanks to a
great group of hash friends. Amongst everyone, Model T was for me one of the greatest & most eccentric character that I have met at a hash.  I
used to love listening to him talking about his week long bush-wacking trips across the Olympic Peninsula or anywhere else in the Northwest.
Just a few weeks ago, I can actually recall him asking me if I wanted to participate in his next venture next Summer.... At least, I now have 
the remembrance of the great exhausting weekend we spent together and other hashers in Vancouver BC during the KneeKnackering 94.  I can also 
recall his school stories such as when he described how difficult it was for him to plan a hash for his 3rd grade students in the middle of the

With his departure, I have also lost my translator.... Yes, indeed, it was quite fun to listen to him translate any of my incomprehensible
comments (tinted by somewhat of a French accent, as some of you may agree) into a New Yorker incomprehensible English for most of the
Northwest natives.... However, Model T was for one year, one of the most eloquent Hash Religious Advisor I have ever heard. What a pleasure it
was to hear his creative sermon before the beginning of each run... I was also excited when he accepted my offer to succeed jointly to Loan
$hark and I as JGMs with his fellow hasher 'Sno Balls, back in April 94. In fact, what a great JGM he was ! Hashers everywhere have been touched
by either his personality or by his runs... For example, Model T took a great pleasure at naming some hashers such as Crooked Dick or Pasta
Peter. ( I actually talk to Pasta Peter  in Firenze, Italy  last night and to Ice Prick tonight in Alaska , and they both  mentioned how much
they wish they could be here this weekend  to join our memorial run.)

Finally, yes, we can all remember the infamous  runs that Model T hared over the year...  (122 runs, 18 hared &  5  NFPs !) Let's remember when
after the run called "Swannee Mill Run" in July 1992, the hash actually consider jokingly banning him from haring, because his runs were
considered too f**king looong ! I actually quite enjoy that specific night when I got to the Pissup, after more than three hours spent lost
on the woods.... I also can remember some other great runs set in the forests such as the "Revenge of the Reprobates I & II", set high up in
Gold Bar w/ Ice Prick, or even some other notorious runs set with Abo.

Well, now, in memory of Model T, here is what the Puget Sound H3 is planning to do this weekend:

- Several hashers are planning to attend Model T's funeral tomorrow (see above for more details)
- Regular scheduled PSH3 run still set for Saturday (more details below)
- Short celebration Run on Sunday in his memory, open to all hashers
Details on the short celebration in memory of Model T
Run #: "We don't give a New York crock what run number
Model T's meeting the Big Hasher - So God Bless and thanks for the memories".
Sunday, November 5th, 1995 - 11am
Location:  Rattlesnake Lake, SE of North Bend (One of Model T's favorite spots)
Hares: too many to mention