Huge Hard H3 #? (Microsoft Campus)
Important: If you are inviting non-Microsoftees, please have them provide DD vehicle information by noon on Thursday, so I can let Security know

Date: Thursday, 30 March

When: 5:30, hares away at 6:00, will start circle at 8ish, so people can go home by 9 or grab a bite with us and still not make it too late of a night

Hare: Dead Whore Fucker (DWF)

What: Huge Hard H3 #?, Trail will be ~3-4.69 miles

Contact: Dental Dayamn 206-679-5613

Driving Directions: Use address 5600 148th Avenue NE to enter into the Red West (RW) Campus.

Parking Directions: Once you turn right off of 148th and are on campus, turn right after the pedestrian crosswalk into the big open air parking lot. Drive to the SE corner of the parking lot where I have drawn the little red square in the picture attached. Park all together since I had to let security know.

Parking Coordinates: 47.656525, -122.141014

Non-Microsoft Information Needed in order to not be towed away
Type of Vehicle – Car/Motorcycle/Truck
License plate #
License plate State