Time to celebrate 28 years of Bimbo-only hashing in the Seattle Area!

We will be starting this great event at Chuck's Hop Shop, where you can order any of the dozens delicious beers on tap, or hundreds in bottles! On-after will also be at this location, with a food truck (pizza) available for you hungry bimbo's.
When: 3/29/2017 @ 6:00PM, with hares away by 6:30, and the rest of the pack ~15 minutes after that. Sunset is at 7:35 this day, so we want to get as much trail in before it's too dark!
Where: Chucks Hop Shop Central District 2001 E Union St, Seattle, WA 98122
Hares: Wheaton Whacker, and Virgin Hare Just Beth
Be prepared for A- A' trail (end is 3 blocks from start), 3-4 miles true trail, 3 beverage checks, pavement pounding, beer, wine, jello, liquor, songs, boobs, bimbo's, and playgrounds.
Wheaton Whacker