All right wankers and bimbos! I have not prepared a trail, so you may just be running in circles around my building on Memorial Day.
What: SeaMon Summer Kickoff! 5ish miles, A to A
When: Monday, duh. Show up at 6:69ish, hare away at 7ish
What to bring: $5, socks and sandals, a vessel, virgins in speedos, your appetite (burgers & dogs!), sunscreen to keep from burning your fish belly white skin after a long Seattle winter, your duck floaty
Where: 511 Stadium Pl S (free street parking on holidays but remember Stadium Place is not a city street, they'll give you a fat ticket if you park and don't pay)
I can't reserve the rooftop on a holiday, so we're just going to go up there after and chase everyone else away if they don't like beer and bad singing!