HEY, ALL! No need to hide that pepperoni face! Throw on your tiny shorts (SHOW US YOUR BOOTY) and let's get greasy!!!! It's time for Seamon #89 BOOTY BANGER PIZZA PARTY!!!!!

Who: Steve Blow Jobs and Just Char will be your sexyhot hares
Where: Roanoke Park
When: Hares away whenever they feel like it, Pack off at 7:00
What: .69-6.9 miles of pavement pounding and maybe some shiggy and maybe whatever the hell else your hares feel like, it's out of your control so just suck it up, drop it low, and let's go!

Featuring a super special orange food.
Also featuring the finest butts this town has to offer.

On-after at Roanoke Park Place
2409 10th Ave E, Seattle, WA 98102