SeaMon H3 #90 (More Cowbell)
Your hare is delirious with fever. The only cure is more cowbell!
Well, that and to go hashing.

What: SeaMon H3 #90

When: Monday June 12th, 6:30pm HST (hare away by 7p)

Where: South side of Lawton Park in Magnolia (47.654093, -122.391129)

How Much: The usual $5 hash cash

Hares: She Likes It In The Soup Kitchen, Fuckaduck, and probably Man Maker (did anyone bring the ice block?)

Expect: 5.69 miles in the warm Summer sun, maybe a little shiggy

Bring: whistle, low expectations, new shoes, virgins, a couple visitors, and an ice block for Man Maker

On-After: Boxcar Alehouse, duh. (3407 Gilman Ave W, Seattle, WA 98199)