Knitta – Yay! It’s my hashaversary!!
Poca – Fuck, is it time again for that godawful event?!
That’s right wankers & bimbos, it’s time again for the most anticipated hash event of the year…the anal BEERMILE!! Your chance to achieve hashing EPICNESS occurs again on Easter Sunday!!

Why Easter Sunday? Besides tradition, Easter Sunday is the perfect day for this shitshow because there’ll be less chance of families being out and possibly complaining about loud drunk puking hashers running around a track.

WHAT: Anal BEERMILE – For BEERMILE virgins, this link contains all the rules rules

WHEN: Sunday, April 16th (this year, right after tax day…perfect!), high noon

WHERE: Parking lot behind lower Woodland play fields between the track and the tennis courts.
Map link:

HASH CASH: $3 AND a Six Pack of beer. Why is there hash cash if it’s BYOB? Same as previous years, we’ll be awarding prizes for category winners and we also need to pay for down-down beer & chips for Circle afterwards.

Wait, there are actually prizes for this? Yep, Knitta has once again scoured ebay and thrift shops for more fantastic prizes for First Wanker & First Bimbo, DFL, & the coveted…Epic Chunder!

HARES: Knitta Please & PocaSlomo

On-After: Duck Island

Mountain Man left a vm for me and if his health cooperates, he’ll be out there emceeing and acting as official time keeper for this event again!

Given our growing numbers each year, he’ll need at least two or three hot bimbos to help with the time keeping though. If interested, please contact me or Knitta and let us know of your availability.

QUESTIONS: PocaSlomo  – 206.948.8933; Knitta Please  – 360.639.6955

IMPORTANT: Please get a DD or use public transportation as you will get F*cked Up!

On-let the puking begin-On,

PocaSlomo & Knitta Please
P.S. For those wanting to ensure that they’ll be drinking beermile approved beers, here is a link that has a long list of beers. Those having at least 5% abv meet the beermile requirement for alcohol content.