Saturday June 3, 2017
Seattle H3 #792 (Peace To All Worlds - The Rick & Morty Trail)
It's time to riggidy riggidy wrecked, son!!! There will be a nice little jaunt through the Magnuson Park area with plenty of cool beverages along the way. 

Hare: Hickory Dickory Cock
Place: Alvin Larkins Park Madrona
Time: Meetup 1pm HST
Hash Cash: $1
Trail Deets: Expect a 4-5 mile trail with light shiggy and potential to jump into some water after trail.
What to bring: Swimming clothes, sunscreen, virgins, a plumbus, 10 flurbo's, and 100 schmeckles. If you have any Rick and Morty attire I strongly advise you bring it along.