Seattle H3 #793 COLLEGE!!!
Ah, shit! Woke up with another hangover from a dorm rage fest?!?!? Well get over it cause that's college, bro. But have no fear because we have a solution to your problems............MORE BEER!

Hares: My Little Penis and Hickory Dickory Cock
When: Saturday, June 10th. Meet at 1pm and Hares away around 1:30ish.
Hash Cash: $1
Location: Laurelhurst Playfield - 4544 NE 41st St, Seattle, WA 98105
Trail Deets: Expect to chug your heart out over 5 miles of urban/campus sprawl. Minimal shiggy. There will be drinking games. Danger Cans. At least 2 beer checks. What could go wrong???
What to bring: College attire (If you didn't go to college just show up naked), virgins, sexy undies, red solo cups, thirst for beer, and bitchy comments about millenials.