SH3 #794 TOGA HASH!!!!
It's getting hottt out here in the PNW and we need to bust out the summertime clothes. You know what that means?!?!? TOGA!!!!!!!!!!!
Where: Woodland Park picnic area off of 50th Ave
When: Saturday, June 17th at 1pm
Hares: Cumming To America, Bambi Bondage, One Creampie to Rule Them All, and Just Megan!
Hash Cash: $1
Trail Info: Trail will be about 3 miles. It will be an A to B trail. I'll say it again for y'all in the back. TRAIL IS A TO B! There will be beer. You will get drunk. Weather is sunny and in the 70's so you best get your sexy asses in a toga and head out to the park.