Rock'n'Roll Marathon Racest Beer Check
Sunday 6/18/17 @ 8:00am

Runners need fuel, beer is fuel, this is why the baby Jesus bestowed hashers upon the world.

Long before hashers were giving to charities they were giving beer to poor, dehydrated marathoners. Join us in a long-lived hash tradition of rehydrating the needy, recruiting when we find one-of-us, and otherwise getting tanked well before noon. It's just like hashing, with all the booze but without any of the actual work.

Meet at the loop near the corner of S Royal Brougham Way and 4th Ave S near CenturyLink stadium.
GPS: 47.592069, -122.329681

The race start time isn't nailed down yet but expect your hares (FBS, STAQ) to be setup and drinking before 8:00.

p.s. - for those half-minds running this thing, let us know your expected time and we might have some special beer waiting for you