SSH3 #160 1st Anal White Dress Run
Who: Vitamin Double D, Just Jennifer
Where: Cheers in Lakewood (Bridgeport)
When: April 15th 4 p.m. PST
Why: Because it's a nice day to start again! And some of our bimbos want a chance to wear their (old) wedding dresses for the. last. time.
What to expect: beer, running, walking and metamorphosis--not dog/child friendly
Detrails: 3.69 miles of running in your white dress to spread the hashy word throughout the South Sound. There will be a tag for the event (Thank you IVY!) Trail will be a pavement pounder to show off our lovely white attire but there will be (some) mud, water & fire so bring a dry bag or spare white dress in case you get carried away (& we hope you do!) Also, cranium lamps if a dark and cloudy day.
On-after: Cheers, Lakewood, WA
On-after after: Club Silverstone, Tacoma WA (plan to Uber or Lyft - to show off our white dresses - those that are still white anyway ;)

Contact : Assfault 253-678-5218