Tacoma H3 Run #721, E'rections Hash

When: April 1, at 12pm
Where: 6015 East T Street, Tacoma
Hare: Shackless!!
Hash cash: $5
On-after: same place
Info: Shackless, 808-225-5465
It's time to vote in new mismanagement! Here are the position descriptions:
Grand Master/Grand Mattress
The pack is led (or misled) by the Grand Master or Grand Mattress (aka GM), in line with the general tradition of minimum organization. However, this is a facade, as there is indeed much that has to be organized when it comes to reining in weekly chaos and planning special events. A successful GM makes these chores seem transparent to the pack, but it is much work nevertheless. The GM calls periodic meetings and bails the hash out of trouble at times. Think this is too much responsibility? Think again. One of the best GMs the hash has ever seen was a dog. The real job of GM is to pry money out of Hash Cash, who keeps it tucked underneath his mattress guarded by a 17 pound lobster.
Hare Raiser
Trail itself is marked by different volunteer hares each hash. The Hare Raiser keeps track of upcoming hashes and gets 'volunteers' to hare based on experience, matching new hares with a more experienced one. The Hare Raiser is responsible for informing hares of the policies that apply to haring for South Sound, such as our policy to reimburse the hare for trail and circle beer costs, but not for water or snacks. The Hare Raiser is also responsible for finding hares to replace last minute hare cancellations or to hare themselves if they cannot find a replacement hare.
Religious Advisor
The RA is the arbiter of hash tradition and master of ceremonies at the on-in. When in the circle, the RA is always right, even when wrong. Other than presiding over the circle, the RA is responsible to ensure that deserving thirsts are quenched; they are fully responsible for the weather and the taste of the beer. The RA also makes sure the hot line is updated during trail.
Hash Dementor
Welcomes/sacrifices virgins to the hash.
Hash Cash
The individual who tracks hash funds is known as the Hash Cash. The Hash Cash collects the fees and provides reimbursement for the food or refreshments used at the hash. Hash Cash is responsible for protecting the Hash's asses and general accounting of the funds.
Hash Scribe
The Hash Scribe does the write-up of each r*n and disseminates said Hash Trash. There are several good reasons to become scribe. The most important is that you get to write down anything dumb and stupid that your fellow hashers have done on trail, while avoiding writing about all the dumb and stupid things you have done on trail. Considering your current scribe is an engineer who can't spell, has no sense of direction, disappears for months at a time, and hardly does a write-up even when he does show up, the bar to entry to becoming a scribe is pretty low. It's really quite easy. If you are interested, come talk to me and you can guest scribe for a week to try it out. If you are new to the job or are filling in, you may consider using Jolly Green's Guide to Scribing - 69 Rules.
Web Meister
Creates the run events on Facebook; posts the event info on other kennels’ Facebook group walls; sends an email to the Yahoo group list serve so that Porta John can post the event info on the website calendar (if the webmeister is really ambitious, he or she also posts the runs to the alternate calendar--a Google calendar on wh3.orgcreated by Dick in a Box that anyone can post an event to and it is not necessary to get a hold of Porta John to make updates, etc.)
Haberdasher (nominations: Heiny Girl)
Brings and sells shirts and other odd hash souvenirs (haberdashery) to the hash. The haberdasher is responsible for keeping an inventory of the haberdashery and selling as much as possible at the highest prices to the biggest suckers.
Hash Flash (nominations: Just Jennifer)
Takes pictures of hash events and posts them to Facebook and possesses good sense not to post nudity or things that would embarrass someone (although nude photos can be posted to HashSpace).
Beer Bitches (nominations: Catcher In The Eye)
Buys and pours beer during the circle helping the RA. The beer bitch may also serve as back up Hash Cash. Take this position, and you will be the most loved person in the hash. Who is not completely grateful to the person who gets them beer?
Shoe Sheriff (nominations: Shoe Said Head)
Keeps inattentive/noisy hashers in line during the circle by calling out private parties.