wGASH (Who We Give a Shit Hash?) – Reuben’s Brews - Thursday, June 8th @ 7PM

Cum out, enjoy the suns energy, and quaff copious amounts of grain nectar for charity. Kilowatts for Humanity is having an event at Reuben’s Brews in Ballard on June 8th. During the event $1 of every pint sold will be donated to KWH, a local all volunteer non-profit. I figured a group with our quaffing expertise could do KWH a solid by attending.

KWH designs and installs solar energy systems to provide reliable energy and an economic boost to rural communities that are likely never be connected to a power grid. The group currently has three projects that have been operating from 1 to 3 years in Kenya (Muhuru Bay) and Zambia (Filibaba and Chalokwa). Full disclosure, I’ve volunteered for KWH since 2013 and think they’re pretty awesome.

Here's a lot of blah, blah, blah:

Here are some charts and graphs if you’re into that:

Hare: Full Facial for an A to A trail with Reuben’s Brews being all beer checks
When: Thursday, June 8th, hare away at 7PM

Where: Reuben’s Brews – 5010 14th Ave NW (Ballard)

What: About 3 miles of pavement pounding

Hash Cash: Free - But I’ll be taking donations if anyone feels overcome by the giving spirit. Some receiving from me may also occur after said giving.

Bring: Everyone you know.