Seattle-Area Hash House Harriers
A Drinking Club with a Running Problem

Welcome to the home of hashing in the greater Seattle area.

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Here are the groups represented on this site:

Seattle H3
(2nd & 4th Saturday of the month)
Puget Sound H3
Men's hash - Changes start/end around Daylight Savings
(1st & 3rd Thursday of Summer months)
(1st & 3rd Saturday Morning of Winter months)
No Ball's H3
Women's hash (last Wednesday of the month)
Rain City H3
Shiggy hash (last Sunday of the month)
SeaMon H3
Runner's hash (every Monday night)
Tacoma H3
(1st Saturday of the month)
South Sound Sh*tshow H3
Olympia/South Puget Sound Area (3rd Saturday of the month)
Who Gives A Shit? H3
Seattle area renegade party hash (periodically)
Hungry Hungry H3
Seattle area, nicer-than-average food provided after, RSVP required (periodically)