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Here are the groups found on this site, hit the Calendar Link for actual dates/times:

Seattle H3 (2nd & 4th Saturday of the month)
Puget Sound H3 Men's hash - Changes start/end around Daylight Savings
(1st & 3rd Thursday of Summer months)
(1st & 3rd Saturday Morning of Winter months)
No Balls H3 Women's hash (last Wednesday of the month)
Rain City H3 Shiggy hash (last Sunday of the month)
SeaMon H3 Runner's hash (every Monday night)
Tacoma H3 (1st Saturday of the month)
South Sound Sh*tshow H3 (3rd Saturday of the month)
Who Gives A Shit? H3 Renegade party hash (Periodically)
Hungry Hungry H3 Nicer-than-average food provided after, RSVP required (periodically)
South Sound H3 (3rd Saturday of the month, PM)
Seattle Hash House Bikers Bike hash (3rd Sunday of the month and 2nd Thursdays in Summer)
Dead Fucking Last H3 Walker's hash (1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month)
Seattle Full Moon H3 (duh...)
Lacey Full Moon H3 (Periodically on Fridays)

Other Washington Kennels:

Holy Shit! What the Fuck? H3 Bremerton area (every other Sunday)
Giggity H3 Gig Harbor area (1st Wednesday of the month, more often in Summer)
Bellinghamster H3 Bellingham area (one Saturday a month, noon)
Washington Wonder Women H3 Women's hash, Bremerton area
Half-Assed North Kitsap H3 Short & easy, North Kitsap County
Southwest Washington H3 Shiggy-centric, Battleground area
Inland Empire H3 Spokane area