If you want to hare a Full Moon Run, contact A$$ma at rmcgary@w-link.net.  

Run Full Moon Name Date Theme Hare
134 Wolf Moon Saturday January 10th   Anal Intruder and a mystery hare
135 Snow Moon Monday February 9th   Open
136 Worm Moon Tuesday March 10th   Anal Intruder and Just Paul
137 Pink Moon Thursday April 9th   Wee Blow and Anal Intruder
138 Flower Moon Friday May 8th   magot and Wee Blow
139 Strawberry Moon Sunday June 7th   Open
140 Buck Moon Tuesday July 7th   P3 and Dirty Sanchez
141 Sturgeon Moon Wednesday August 5th   Anal Intruder and Wee Blow
142 Corn Moon Thursday September 3rd   Open
143 Harvest Moon Saturday October 3rd   Open
144 Beaver Moon Monday November 2nd   Open
145 Cold Moon Tuesday December 1st   Open
146 Long Night Moon Thursday December 31st Joint with Tacoma magot and English Channel