Sunday Monday

Rain City / No Balls Hangover Trail

Dragonfly Pavilion, West Seattle

When: 1PM

Hares: Dick in a Box, NFHN, and Panty Ho

What to expect: hangover choose your own adventure with turkey/eagle legs and two BCs
Bring: 5-7$USD, shiggy gloves (etc), torn red dress, comfortable shoes. Extra cash for hab or bail money.

Mostly dog friendly (unknown at piss-up)

Monday Hangover Hash

Downtown Park, Bellevue

When: 6:30PM

Hare: Squeeze Box

Meet at north end of park near water disc and obelisk looking statues
Expect: 3-6 miles, one beer check, good times
Bring: $5 hash cash, gyno (cranium) light, new shoes, visitors, virgins, probably not snowshoes