A HUGE thanks you goes to all hashers who came out last Thursday (September 8) to support those hashers who are Hurricane Katrina survivors as well as to provide relief for non-hashers in need, especially on such short notice.  Having been hash cash and knowing what it's like to have to occasionally wrestle $7 out of a few folks, I am in shock and awe at the generosity displayed last week.  Including post-hash donations contributed by the hares and Virgin Just Joseph, we raised $1,169 in addition to donations of clothing, toiletries, and two 24-count boxes of Clif bars.  HONOR!!!  Skim to the bottom of this if you want to skip the hash re-cap garbage to read more about where donations are going.
Trail notes, as best the hares can remember, are as follows:
Knees Wide Open and Swollen Gaping Festering Hole
Bitch-N-Hoe, Bobbin' in the Bush, Head Wh ench, FC, Lizzardo, Just Dawn (Virgin), Midget Molester, Nympho Brat, Sweeter Peter, Moomoo Buckaroo, Tequila Tony, Assma, Just Kyle, Family Jewels, Comes with Bitches,Sthweetheart, Tic Tac Hoe, Slippery FIngers, Just Joseph (Virgin), Port O' John, Dragon Blow, Twat, Screw Yourself, Stuff The Clam, KY, 100DB!
Piss Boy, Momma Lo, A&W (or something like that -- a fat check signed by Angela S. who is Head Whench's friend), Rip Torn
- An unprecedented, and very unhashlike, EARLY crowd.
- After promising the walkers and 6-year-old Moomoo a short and shiggy-free trail, the intended shiggy-free trail led straight to a homeless encampment, forcing the hares to lay trail by bush-whacking down a steep quarter-mile long embankment through thorn bushes, nettles, and poison oak.  Oops.
- Knees and Swollen made a mid-trail costume change.  The Jeanie and Major Nelson costumes were a big hit at the bar beer check.
- EVERYBODY'S favorite (except for Bobbin' in the Bush):  the Hurricane Check.  The hounds got completely and appropriately hammered by Hurricanes.
- Bobbin' in the Bush didn't make it to the Hurricane Check until the Hurricane had long gone out to sea.  He hadn't paid attention to chalk talk and so was clueless that the wave squiggles meant back check and the crosses meant true trail.  He did spend a fair amount of time looking for beer in the bushes, and then spent a bunch more time at the beer check at the bar bitching up a storm about scrounging in the bushes in Volunteer Park after dark, since we all know what goes on in the bushes of Volunteer Park after dark.  AS IF he didn't enjoy it.  Sthweetheart was VERY jealous.
- Tequila Tony led Days of the Week in a Capitol Hill dive.
- Several male hashers were fruitlessly flirting with Capitol Hill chicks at The Summit House.  Obviously, these wankers were way to drunk to realize that Capitol Hill chicks are either too gay or too emo to ever be interested in a male hasher in drag singing Day of the Week.
- Tequila Tony bought two extra pitchers after the hounds had burned through 5 pitchers, since the hares were out of cash.  Honor!!!
- Sthweetheart educated Just Joseph on the way home that if he stuck with him, he'd show him all the hot spots and where to meet whores.  What?
- Honor to DB and Family Jewels who were vying for the title of biggest donor ($140 between the two of them!), until ...
- Midget wrote a check for TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS in the circle!  I know that bastard was trying to make get all choked up.  It worked.  Jerk.
- The pony keg was donated by Rip Torn (thanks Rippie!).
- Per capita alcohol consumption for a week night renegade was admirable.  On top of the Hurricanes (and Helluva Hurricanes), beer check beer, and down-down beer that was guzzled, all of 15 ounces of Manny's was left in the keg.  Well done!  I've heard lots of grumbling about next-day hangovers.
All should feel free to add their two cents and recollections of events for which I wasn't present or was too drunk to remember!
Now, on to the giving part.  I finally heard back from the Baton Rouge hasher who is helping to spearhead relief efforts within the hashes down there.  He's been getting about 100 emails a day, mostly from New Orleans hashers reporting in where they are and how they fared and so on.  In response to my questions about what folks need:
"To answer your questions, some of them need everything. We put down that cash was best or gift cards because boxes of other things cost more to ship but we have reciever boxes with cloths, tooth brushes, and other items.  Anything you can send is just fine and appreciated, even if it is just your best wishes.  If you know any of the hashers in need you can send gifts directly to them or to me with a note telling me what your wishes are.  Whatever you decide, thank you for your concern..."
I also heard from Facial (OH3), who has N.O. contacts.  She said that The Red Cross, Salv Army, and FERM are not looked highly upon by the locals down there, and to consider donations also to Mercy Corps, NW Medical Teams and The SPCA (humane society of NO).

In response to this info, I would like to continue collecting any additional donations that anyone here wishes to make, through Thursday.  Friday morning I will:  1) mail a check to the Baton Rouge hasher (The Bug Fucker) since it will get there faster than if sent with the shipment of goods;  2) donate on-line the money that goes to Red Cross (my office sends the paperwork to Corporate for matching funds on Fridays, so I need to do this by Friday morning);  3) ship any additional goods that are collected (I will send the stuff we collected last week tomorrow morning).  I am a little down on The Red Cross, given the latest Intel from Facial, but since those dollars are doubled by my company, I still think it's the way to go.  I am open to input on this, though, and would also like to cap our Red Cross contribution at $500.  We can donate all of the money (over $500) to gulf coast hashers, or keep the split 50/50 with the 50% to non-hash going with $500 to Red Cross and the remainder to SPCA.  I welcome your input or other ideas.
Thanks again to all -- you guys rule!