Seattle H3

A mixed gender group that runs on the second and fourth Saturday afternoons.

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Joint Grand Masters/Mattresses

Everybody's Twerkin' for the Weekend

One-Eyed One-Horned Cherry Picker Pussy Licker

Religious Advisors


Hickory Dickory Cock

Hare Raiser

Nice Poleish Girl

Hash Cash

I Like it in the Soup Kitchen

Uber Eats Me


Ghey Bondage


Hashy Hour Coordinators

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Fucking Beaver Shit

Itchy Snatchy

Hash Scribe



Pussy of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl Necklace


Puget Sound H3

An all men's group that runs on the first and third Saturday mornings during the Winter months - and on first and third Thursday nights during the Summer months.

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Muddy Balls

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Dick in a Box

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Corn on the Cock

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Mexican Rimjob

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Dick in a Box

Ass-istant Historians


Half'Ast Eddie



Fucking Old Guy

Chilly Willy

No Balls H3

An all women's group founded in 1989 by Captain Crash and Slo Mo.
Ladies, join these Harriettes for low-key hashing, fun times & beer the last Wednesday night of each month!


Panty Ho

Pussy of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl Necklace

We All Cum in a Yellow Taxi Cab

No Balls Theme (to the tune of "Rainbow Connection")

Why are there so many
songs about hashers
who can't give harriettes a thrill?

Those whiskey-dicked half-minds
who can't get a hard-on:
they pop a Little Blue Pill!

Oh, it's not surprising,
their dicks are not rising.
Their balls are no bigger
than peas.

But one day they'll get one,
a real hard erection.
But only two inches or three!

SeaMon H3

A runner's kennel with minimal beer checks that will get you home in time for school in the morning. Runs every Monday night.

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Just Can't Get It Up

SeaMon Champs

Group of the six top attendees over the trailing twelve months.

Rain City H3

A mixed gender group that runs on the last Sunday of every month.

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Joint Grand Masters

Dick in a Box

Mexican Rimjob

Religious Advisor


Hare Raiser

SUPER Teflon Dong

Rain City Theme (to the tune of the Green Acres theme)

Rain City is the pack for me.
Deep shiggy is the trail I lead.
Thorns and nettles comin' up to my chest!
Fuck pounding pavement, just gimme that Northwest Best!

Tacoma H3

A mixed gender group that runs on the first Saturday of the month.

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Grand Master

Hokie Poke Me

Hand of the GM / Hare Raiser / Haberdasher / Hash Cash

Poop! There It Is.

Religious Advisors

Dirty Mother Fucker


Song Writer


South Sound Shitshow H3

Taking over the 3rd Saturday slot from Tacoma!

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Who Gives A Shit Hash

A mixed gender group that runs sporadically on Wednesday nights (or whenever) in Seattle.


SUPER Teflon Dong

Cracked Moon

A mixed gender group that only runs once a year. But what a fun time they have. They run all nude. The runs are the last Sunday of July at the Kaniksu Nudist Resort in Spokane.


Bunny Phu Phu

Leap Year

A mixed gender group that runs every February 29th.



Web Geeks

Dick in a Box - Google calendar, layout/content

Nocturnal Firework Hash Nazi - General website updates and back-end development

Fucking Beaver Shit - Android app development.

South Sound

A mixed gender group that runs the third Saturday of each month in the South Sound area all year long.

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Grand Master


Joint RAs


Splitt Doggy Dogg

Hash Cash

Catch Her In The Eye


Assfault Moneyshot


Just Spike

Web Mistress

Just Lee

Seattle Full Moon

A mixed gender group that runs on nights when there is a full moon.


Knob Slobber

Seattle Hash House Bikers

Seattle area bash (i.e. bicycle hash) that rides on the third Sunday of the month and second Thursdays in Summer.


Wheaton Whacker

Lacey Full Moon

A mixed gender group that periodically runs on Fridays.

Grand Master / Religious Advisor / Hare Raiser

Circus Freak

GM/RA/Hare Raiser Pro Tem

Boy Batter Badge


A walker-centric kennel with trails on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month. Caters specifically to the slow, injured, disabled, and too-drunk-to-run crowd. Runner friendly, with a hare-snare twist.


Aurora Avenue Abortion - 206.910.2084