Main Event: Red Dress Run 2015

Seattle H3

Registration opens: January 6th
Registration increases: February 1st
Registration closes: February 13th
Cost: $20-$30 plus optional donation benefiting charity
Location: 88 Keys Dueling Pianos Bar, 315 2nd Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104 [map]
Time: Meet at noon, hares away by 1pm. Show up a little early for pre-drinking.

Hares: Penis Envy, Cougar Rican, Just Can’t Get It Up, Split Doggy Dog, Jalapenis, Shot: The Anal Queen

Have you ever looked around at the pack and wondered who you would match with best? Would you like to meet your hash match? Come celebrate Hash’ntines Day at Seattle’s Red Dress Run 2015! As part of the registration process, you will answer a simple questionnaire, and the day before the event you will be emailed with a list of potential Hash’ntines to find on trail.

Along with finding your Hash’ntine you’ll be treated to a trail between 1 and 69 miles, zero to mild shiggy and most importantly BEER. You need to make sure to adorn your finest red dress, and come out to support this year's 2015 RDR charity.

This year's local charity is the Downtown Emergency Service Center (DESC).

DESC works to end the homelessness of vulnerable people, especially those living with serious mental or addictive illnesses, with an integrated array of services, treatment and housing. At DESC, no homeless person is abandoned or ignored, and no one is treated as a throwaway person.